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Thread: Blue Neon Eartheater, Gymnogeophagus Blue Neon Valentine

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    Blue Neon Eartheater, Gymnogeophagus Blue Neon Valentine

    Cichlids, Central and S. America

    Common Name:
    Blue Neon Eartheater, Gymnogeophagus Blue Neon Valentine

    Scientific Name:
    Gymnogeophagus sp. "Blue neon"

    Gymnogeophagus species originate from Uraguay. The blue neon gymnogeophagus is a relatively peaceful gymno that does not grow very large or share common fin trailers as pronounced as many other geophagus species. It beautiful deep color is accented with iridescent blue stripes and purple tips of their fins. A characteristic shared with all Gymnogeophagus types is the necessary "cool down" period where the temperature needs to be dropped around 61 degrees for 2-3 months. In this time they "recharge" as this temperature fluctuation mimics their natural habitat and induces spawning as well. If this cool down period is not followed then their colors will fade and their life span will be shortened significantly.

    Uruguay, South America

    Max Size:
    4 inches

    Minimum Tank Size:
    30 gallons

    Swim Area:
    Bottom and Middle

    Life Span:
    12 years

    Temperature Range (F):
    78 F - 80 F, with 2 - 3 months at 61 F


    Hardness (dH):
    8 - 12 dH


    Additional Diet Information:

    Gender Difference:


    Temperament/Social Behavior:
    • Peaceful, Should not be kept alone, Best if kept with similar sized fish, Peaceful with larger fish, Tolerant, not territorial, Do not keep with large aggressive fish

    Common Diseases:

    Rarely Seen

    Additional Information or Photos
    Attached Images

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